Current situation

Applicable until further notice.
I am open by appointment for 1 to 1 PT sessions without restrictions. 

It is also possible to train outside instead of inside, by appointment and weather permitting.

I have taken additional hygiene measures in the PT studio.

I ask everyone to cancel an appointment if they do get (minor) symptoms. These also apply when a house member gets symptoms:

·      A cold or runny nose,

·      Sneezing,

·      A mild cough,

·      Sore throat,

·      Temperature increase (= up to 38 degrees) or fever (=> 38 degrees).


What am I asking of you?

·      Do not shake hands when entering and leaving my studio,

·      Wash your hands upon entry with water and soap or use the alcohol spray,

·      If you have to cough or sneeze, do this in a paper tissue. Throw it away immediately after which you wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol spray,

·      When a tissue paper is not available use the inside of your elbow,

·      Try to touch the table surface and chair with your hands as little as possible,

·      Please try to use the toilet at home because, in principle, the toilet is not to be used.


My precautions:

·      I have no symptoms when I give a training session,

·      I do not shake hands when you enter and leave my studio,

·      There are towels at the washbasin, 1 for each client,

·      There are paper tissues at the sink,

·      There is a bin near the washbasin which opens with the foot,

·      There is a handsfree bottle with alcohol spray on the table,

·      After each client, I clean all surfaces that you have touched.


I will continue to inform you about further developments.

Sincerely, Russell


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