Rates apply for a 30 minutes training:
€ 32,70 including 9% vat for private customers.
€ 30,00 excluding 9% vat for business customers.

A try-out or single session is:
€ 43,60 including 9% vat for private customers.
€ 40,00 excluding 9% vat for business customers.

Before you start training I will ask some questions and will check your weight and blood pressure. 
I take the time for my clients, so there is time after the training to evaluate and reflect.

- Payment is required in advance for 4 weeks training sessions unless otherwise agreed. 

The 4 weeks invoice will look like this:
1x per week: € 120.00 + 9% vat = € 130.80 incl. vat
2x per week: € 240.00 + 9% vat = € 261.60 incl. vat
3x per week: € 360.00 + 9% vat = € 392.40 incl. vat

- The invoice is always sent after the first session and you are asked to pay within 7 days unless otherwise agreed.
- An unreported cancelled session within 24 hours will be charged to you, sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances are excluded from this rule.
- No reimbursement is granted for unused sessions you decide to stop.

Everyone starts with an intake session, rate:
€ 38,15 including 9% vat for private customers.
€ 35,00 excluding 9% vat for business customers.

In this first session, we will get to know each other  a little and the following topics will be discussed, measured: 
- medical/training background  
- blood pressure
- weight and waist measurement
- Bodystat measurements, BMR
- explanation /example of what HiiT training is
- your goals
- duration: about 30 - 45 minutes

(This is set up to give a good indication of, if and how to begin. It would be irresponsible to start a High-Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) training without first acquiring background information.)

Note: I check at least every 2 years whether I need to perform an inflation price indexation.

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